We want to be a vital component in the fight against exploitation in Albania, helping loosen the chains of slavery on its citizens. Our purpose is to aid the liberation of those once physically enslaved, yet still psychologically held captive. Each person coming into the care of Hope and Future requires a unique support plan and accordingly the facility must have full access to social services, medical and legal professionals.

Our Core Values

Generosity Being catalysts of generosity in our actions towards each other, our clients, volunteers and partner organizations.
Respect Treat everyone equally and with respect.
Empowerment Believing in others who don’t believe in themselves, encouraging them to achieve their dreams and obtain the freedom and power of choice.
Accountability Being accountable to our clients, employees, volunteers and partners with each step and action, while responsibly managing the resources entrusted to us.
Trust Building trust through each small act of service – we strive to be authentic and trustworthy with a steadfast love for others.

About the founder:

Founder of Hope and Future Albania

Tharwat Eskander is a coach, mentor, encourager and inspirer of generosity. As the stewardship and Men’s ministry consultant for the Salvation Army in Canada, he educates about the biblical principles of stewarding our time, treasure and talents. He is an ordained minister, loves soccer (Go Chelsea), travel (with a special love to Albania) and he’s a foodie! Tharwat was born in Cairo, Egypt he lived in Texas, USA and now resides in Toronto, Canada.

Tharwat Eskander

Tharwat Eskander